Public Lighting


Ace Energy Services has a fleet of fourteen Elevating Platform Vehicles. They range in size from 9 metre to 30 metre, some have a telescopic boom while others have an elbow arrangement. The latest additions to our fleet have outstanding features that provides Ace Energy Services with leading edge equipment. The 30 metre tower has the capacity to reach to areas in vertical and horizontal positions that no other tower could possibly achieve. Our 9m tower enables work crews to work in locations such as laneways and footpaths that larger and wider Epv’s cannot achieve.

Our telescopic towers also enable the truck to be positioned that allows the bucket to get to locations that elbow type EPVs cannot, plus it improves the safety of personnel without having the boom out over the road. All our current Epv’s have passed the required Electrical, Mechanical, and Weight tests.

  • Total management of Lighting Systems
  • Maintenance of Lighting Systems
  • Identification and rectification of lighting faults
  • Underground Fault repairs
  • Recondition Lanterns
  • Pole Replacements
  • New Estate Installations
  • Erection of new lighting poles, brackets and lanterns